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At Sushi Kabar, we believe in providing our sushi chefs with the tools and training necessary to transcend the title of chef. Our highly-trained chefs are more than that. They’re onsite marketers and profit-minded managers. They are VIPs to us and we treat them that way. They are critical for maximizing ROS in each store and since they are personally invested in improving sushi sales, they make ideal partners for stores.

The end result of high quality ingredients in the skilled hands of our highly-trained sushi chefs is a happy customer. But the training our chefs receive go beyond pleasing their customers’ palettes. The customer must have a pleasant experience from their first interaction with the Sushi Kabar brand, and that philosophy extends to our sushi operators, who prepare samples and greet customers with a genuine smile.



Sushi Kabar believes in creating a “win-win-win” proposition. By removing as much of the waste in the value-chain that most grocery store sushi companies carry, we are able to provide our sushi vendors with high quality ingredients that meet our rigorous standards without upcharging or gouging. This creates a culture of trust that carries over to our partner stores, and is critical in maximizing ROS.

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